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Spring Rains
Let us return to the Lord,
Though He has torn us apart;
Show He is loved and adored,
Having passion in your heart.

All our wounds He will heal,
As He cleanses our scars;
Showing pity how we feel,
Making us His shining stars.

In two days He will revive,
On the third day raise us up;
Making us to be alive,
While drinking from His cup.

Let us learn about the Lord,
Let us get to better know;
How to be in one accord,
Following blessings that flow.

He comes at morning dawn,
He comes during the spring rain;
He sees the deer born the fawn,
Ensuring to ease her pain.

So what should I do for Him,
His love is like the morning;
No longer do I feel grim.
As the day gently warming.

God cut me down by sending,
Through the prophets with His Word;
His judgment is transcending,
From their lips that I have heard.

The Lord wants my loyalty,
Sacrifices He does not;
Confessing iniquity,
And righteousness to be taught.

Like Adam I rejected,
Being unfaithful to God;
For His Word I neglected,
I did not honor and laud.

Yet He has set a harvest,
For bringing His people back;
When they will no longer lust,
From the righteousness they lack.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer