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The Terror
As for what people should know,
What it means to fear the Lord;
Of the wrath that He could show,
It should never be ignored.

We try to persuade others,
For God does know what we are;
Amongst the sisters and brothers,
He should see a shining star.

I am not trying to show,
Qualifications again;
Since you should already know,
How my faith and trust has been.

I am giving you a chance,
For the showing of your pride;
Be enabled to advance,
Your own faith you hold inside.

Humbly answer who are proud,
For the Lord we are crazy;
Not softly rather as loud,
Show that we are not lazy.

For the love of Christ that guides,
The fact that one man has died;
And for each one that abides,
Been saved through the crucified.

Each one has already died,
So that each of us can live;
That Heaven we will reside,
Since the past He does forgive.

From now on we do not think,
From a human point of view;
No earthly poison we drink,
Distorts on what we construe.

If you are a believer,
Christ as a new creation,
Then you are a receiver,
Of the godly salvation.

The old way will disappear,
In a new relationship;
As you honor and revere,
Giving you a sinless grip.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer