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A Small Fire
All of us make mistakes,
Even times when we speak;
But results that it makes,
For solutions I seek.

I would be so perfect,
Enabled to control;
If I did not neglect,
For comforting my soul.

We put bits in a horse,
For making them obey;
To control him of course,
So that they do not stray.

The same is true for ships,
Driven by a strong wind;
Steering relationships,
Rudders have disciplined.

The same way with the tongue,
Will speak of desire;
Those words will be then flung,
That will light the fire.

Forest fires can start,
By just a little flame;
Desires of the heart,
Causes to be at blame.

The tongue can be a flare,
Controlled by our thought;
That the mind just might dare,
What desires have sought.

Animals that we tame,
Making gentle and kind;
But the tongue is so lame,
As controlled by the mind.

Disciplined by evil,
With a deadly poison;
Allowing the devil,
Take you as his chosen.

With our tongues we praise,
Our Lord and Father;
Letting your voices raise,
For Christ our Brother.

Copyright © 2017 Richard Newton Sherrer